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Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am blessed beyond belief with great friends and a great family! I just celebrated my 25th birthday and it might of been one of the best birthdays I have had in years. My mom made sure to make my day EXTRA special. She said she was making up for the past years that she has been gone on my birthdays. My day started out by sleeping in till 10:00am. I couldn't tell you the last time I have gotten to sleep in, and boy, it felt good! I then spent the latter part of my day laying around watching TV. It was quite nice not having to do anything. 
We all then headed out at about 5:30pm to meet everyone for dinner at Taste of Texas, my favorite resturante that I only go to 1 time a year, if that. My dinner was AMAZING. I had my amazing family including my aunt and uncle ( dad's sister ), Brandon's family and one of my best friends and her husband come to dinner. It was perfect company for a perfect birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it special! 

Enjoy the pictures!

My pups and I helping me celebrate my birthday!

My sweet Uncle Doyle and Aunt Rena

My amazing love them!

My lovely husband

2 sets of flowers and ballons that my parents and Brandon got me, it was not planned either.

Our traditional picture...ghettoness
KSizz-Bizz and DFizz-McDizz 
The cake my mom made. I requested a strawberry cake and it was good! It was my nannies recipe which made it even more special, she was definitely with us in spirit.