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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the itch.....part 2.

It's not what you are thinking, ok? I've got the VACATION itch....DUH! It is summer, right? I am DYING to go on my vacation to the great CHEESEHEAD state! Wisconsin baby! :) We will be leaving July 23 and coming back August 1. Here is just a little bit of what we will be doing...
* Flying in to Chicago and then heading to Milwaukee for SummerFest....the best thing ever!
* Staying with my grandparents at their summer/fall home 
* laying out
* fishing
* floating in the lake
* eating a lot of good food
* Going to Green Bay

Those are just a few things that we will be doing....I'm sure to you, they aren't appealing, but trust me.....if I get a break from work, I'LL BE HAPPY ANYWHERE! :) Plus, Wisconsin is my homeland - I was born there and live there till I was 4. 

What is your itch this summer?

Ok Ok....I might have another itch.....and I'm sure WE BOTH know what it is :) Trust won't be happening anytime soon! At least, not in the plans. 

Hope ya'll are staying COOOOL in this blistering heat!


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Valerie said...

if your second itch is anything like my top priority itch.. then, yes.. i know how you feel.

how exciting you're going on vacation though, kluv.. it sounds like a blast!

The Doty's said...

i wanna go to wiscAnson! your itch does sound like alot of fun...o and your other itch...all i'm saying is that if you have a girl like 6 years down the line...she won't be able to be on our ASA team. you have to think about these things. I'm sure we can try to get a 12 year old on with 18u...who am i kidding...she will be a star catcher at that age anyway.

Danni and Bryan said...

Yeah, I mean get with the program Aunt Kellianne - we are trying to build a kicka** softball team and we can only have one baby at a time. I mean me and JD need some help here. :) Brandon just needs to understand the situation :)

Danni and Bryan said...
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