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Friday, March 13, 2009

on the way home

Tonight we went to help our cousins who live about 30 mins away from us. They are pregnant, well Lorelle is pregnant with their 2nd baby, 30 weeks along to be exact. I wanted to help them any way we could so we went to dinner and then picked up the baby's new crib, put it together, ok ok...Brandon and Cliette ( cli-tee) put the bed together while Lorelle and I hung curtains and did a little nesting. ( sooo thats what nesting feels like, haha). We had a great night of laugther and fun with them, especially with their little hand full Preston ( 2). And then..........

On our way home I saw this sign and it read................

Pet Butler!
You Poop?
We Scoop!

I'm a little confused?
1. What is a pet butler?
2. Is all they do scoop poop?
3. Who would WANT to be a pet butler?
4. How much did it cost to buy that sign and post it for the public eye to see?
5. How much business they really get?
6. How much does a pet butler make?
7. How long has this place been in business?
8. Do they travel?
9. What do they do with the poop once they "scoop" it?
10. Do they where a butler uniform?

Let's get real Pet Butler ...... people either leave their dogs poop in a. their yard or b. other peoples yard. Annnnnnnnnnnd......if they are so kind enough, they just pick it up themselves, with poop gloves of course.

I, myself, leave the poop in the yard....its good fertilizer.
Don't judge me.

Lastly.....what has this economy come to? Really? Pet Butlers? Scooping Poop? Just to make a buck. What will someone come up next?

Sidenote: Please say a little prayer for my cat Jet. He is getting old and he has a hyperthyroid problem where he drinks a lot of water, eats a lot of food but is losing weight and a lot of it. He weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs and when he was last weighed he weighed like 9 lbs. You can tell he doesn't feel well and he sure is whiney. So say a little prayer that when we take him to the vet, everything will be Ok. I know it would be a sad day in the Schrock/Barron household if something happened to Jet. We got him when I was in 7th grade.


Valerie said...

awww.. your poor kitty... *hugs* i hope he(?) is okay..

and so this pet butler thing???? say wha!!!?!?!? those are all valid questions you have posed.. i wonder more about.. do they wear a butler uniform while performing these butlery duties on your dog's poop?? can you imagine?!?! and what if it is a woman... in a french maid outfit picking up dog poop??? and what about people driving by while they are working their poop scoopin' magic.. with their formal uniforms.. scoopin' the poop? i might crash into something if i saw that... maybe i'd crash into their sign... :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Kellianne - Thanks for your interest in PET BUTLER and our services. Let me try and answer your questions:

Pet Butler - America's Pet Waste Cleanup Service has been picking up where your pet left off since 1988. Each location is a locally owned and operated. All Pet Butler employees where a uniform and are bonded & fully insured. We service single family residences, multi-family communities, parks and commercial locations throughout the country. For more information call 1-800-PET-BUTLER (738-2885) or check out our website Leave the disgusting job to us!

All of us decided to join the Pet Butler family for much different reasons but we all have one thing in common: We want to make the lives of pet owners easier, cleaner and safer for their families. I can only speak for my self but I know scooping poop is probably one of the least favorite jobs for any pet owner. I don't particularly like scooping up after my own pet! But seeing our customers joy when they no longer have to avoid the landmines in their yards makes it worth it.

No - we didn't just buy a box of signs and decide to put them up everywhere. We bought a business and we market in every way posible: internet, newspaper, radio, TV. Some locations also use bus benches, billboards, direct mail. I'm sure the sign you saw only cost your local Pet Butler a few dollars but look at the impact it made on you. He certaily got his money's worth for that one.

All of our scoopers do wear a uniform but unfortunately it isn't a maid/buttler uniform. We wear a Pet Butler had, clean white golf shirts with our logo clearly displayed and tank pants.

Although most people think that dog waste is "GOOD FERTILIZER" as you posted, that is false. Dog waste does not make good fertilizer and it does not EVER totally disappear into the soil. Unless it is removed and processed properly it can promote many parisites and other microscopic organism. See our website for more information.

As for disposal, most Pet Butler locations bag and dispose of the waste in a privately owned dumpster/trash recepticle. We DO NOT dispose of the waste in the customer's trash like some other scoopers. You pay us to REMOVE it not RELOCATE it on your property.

I invite Kellianne to contact her local Pet Bulter and join him/her for the day. Maybe spending the day with one of our professional scoopers or an owner/operator will open up her eyes and her mind. Maybe then you would understand why Pet Butler has picked up over 50,000,000 pile!

1-800-PET-BUTLER (738-2885)

Anonymous said...

There are many small and independent Pet Waste Professionals around the USA; there are also three or four franchise operations. To get a full list of those that can help provide you with cleanup service visit or for the professions directory of services and locations.

In many cases you may find the local business more affordable, offering more personalized service and with more accurate billing.

The Doty's said...

poor kitty...I'd give her a hug/kiss if i wasn't allergic. and you know pet butlery is an artform. totally kidding. although everytime my grandma's dog poops it basically never hits the ground...she doesn't believe in it being natural clutters up her yard :)

and OMIGOSH i just read that pet butlery called you OUT!!! hahahahahaha

Lauren said...

whoa!! pet butler NAZI's!! easy killer! obviously they take their job S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y.!!!!

ps. how dare you not clean up your dog's poop. uhh....what the hell people!

Valerie said...

i'm scared.. they might have you on surveillance now...

hahahhahaa... you got busted out by the Pet Butlers!!!

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy with your cat. My wife and I went through that a few years ago. It's tough. Cuddles (yes, I'm secure enough in my masculinity to admit I had a cat called Cuddles) seemed fairly comfortable right up to the end. Living up to his name, he would hop up on the couch, lie down on my chest and purr. I hope it goes as well for you and your cat.

Pet Butler of Central Ohio
Serving pets and their people since 1988.

Anonymous said...

i pay someone to pick up the poop in my back yard, its not good to just leave it there, and im too lazy to do it myself