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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i loved my wedding

And because I loved my wedding, I wanted to share with you just a few pictures that were my favorite from that very special day. To this day, I wish I had a different photographer, which breaks my heart to say, but we have gone through TOO much with this person and didn't get what WE WANTED. I still do not have my photo album, not even a ROUGH draft of it.
Sometimes it makes me sad to look through my wedding photos because I feel we didn't get what we paid for. I even have a hard time looking at other peoples wedding photos because my fear is that theres are 10 times better than me.... I know that sounds selfish but its really how I feel. By no means do I not want other people to have GREAT photos from their SPECIAL just saddens my heart that I don't feel that way about my photos. I really could go on and on about the experience we had, but I'll spare you all.

Well I'm gonna go edit some honeymoon photos and make a collage just like this one :)


The Doty's said...

honey i know how you feel. the pictures i recieved were adequate i guess...but thankfully enough mitchell's mom has a trigger finger on her and took amazing pictures that i ended up loving more than what i paid for. im sorry you are will just have to have another wedding with brandon one 20 anniversary and redo it all.

Valerie said...

if it makes you feel better... you have WAAAAYYYYY better pictures of your wedding than i do of mine....

kc's mom usually has a camera as an extra appendage.. but i guess she was preoccupied that day.. because i think she only took like 6 pictures..

our reasoning was because we didn't spring for the extra cash to pay for a better photographer.. unfortunately.. we cut corners in all the wrong places! photos were one of them..

i love your pics!! but it might just be the people in them and not necessarily the way they were taken. ;)

Anonymous said...