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Saturday, February 16, 2008

save the date!

I'm a little bias, but isn't that the cutest save the date? :) Brandon and I absolutely love it, it totally fits our personalities to a "T". We will be sending these save the dates out in the next few weeks. We are working on the guest list ( which by the way, is the most horrifying thing to do in the world, really it is). Who to invite? Who to not invite? THAT IS THE QUESTION! Anyway, our wedding plans are Rockin' and Rollin' and we are getting more and more excited! We already have our shower dates set , registered and ready to go! Brandon's parents just booked our honeymoon too. We are going to Los Cabo San Lucas and staying at an all-inclusive resort. I had 2 requests when it came to the honeymoon, NO JAMAICA AND NO CANCUN! I've been to Jamaica and it wasn't all that great, kinda gross actually and well who the heck wants to go to Cancun on their honeymoon? ( Sorry to anyone who went to any of these places for their honeymoon, hope I didn't offend you). I'm sure other parts of Jamaica are pretty and I'm sure Cancun is great on spring break, but not for my honeymoon! : ) Enough about the wedding.... I wanted to share with you all how big of a year 2008 is for Brandon and myself. I'm going to do this by month....

1. March- send the save the dates out
2. April- Brandon's sister and dad's birthday
3. May- Brandon's birthday, our couple shower
4. June- Starting summer school for both Brandon and I, my birthday, Brandon's sisters graduation ( on my birthday), my mom leaves for Germany the day after my birthday for 5 weeks, oh and can't forget my dad's families reunion
5. July- My mom and brothers birthday ( on the same day, cool huh?) My mom gets back from her 5 week vacay in Germany, another wedding shower, and Brandon's mom's birthday.
6. August- my dad's and Brandon's Grandmothers birthday ( the same day) our church shower, start of my LAST semester of college
7. September- OUR WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, we are busy bee's! Not enough time in the day really! Life seems to get busier the older you get.

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great weekend!


Jacci said...

i love the save the date! sooo cute!

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! really cute :)