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Thursday, February 7, 2008

i make all things new

I am taking a Christianity class at U of H for one of my advanced electives. I chose this class because I have had prior experience in taking bible classes, like most of you who read my blog have had experience taking the same bible classes. So I thought this would be a smart decision to embark on. I missed this Tuesday's class due to my CRAZY life schedule but I noticed on the syllabus it said " Passion of The Christ" - viewing and commentary. When I read that I was a little shocked that U of H, being a public university would allow teachers to present such a powerful and symbolic movie. So I missed the first 1/2 of the movie because I missed Tuesday's course but of course when I walk into class today I noticed they stopped the movie on possibly the most difficult part to watch.....Jesus being flogged. I have seen this movie before but your feelings while watching Jesus be condemned, scorned, ridiculed, beat, thrashed, whipped, slapped, and hit are the still the same from when the first time you witnessed him be none-the-less attacked.

I'm sitting next to a bunch of guys who seem like the type who are "too cool for school" and it almost makes me wonder why they are taking this class, but who am I to judge? I couldn't help but flinch, turn my head away, or gasp at what we were watching. I sat there today in my class in disbelief almost, looking around the room kind of mysteriously watching everyone react to the movie. I was also shocked when I saw what some people were doing. Checking cell phones, text messaging, SLEEPING....these people for the most part were very disengaged. It almost hurt me or offended me that these people were doing such things. I held back from crying, I mean who wouldn't cry when you are watching something so horrifying? As I sit there and read the subtitles, I couldn't help but think, Jesus did this for me. FOR ME??? Why me? I don't deserve the pain that he went through....I don't deserve his grace or mercy. This man was ridiculed, laughed at, made fun of, betrayed, scorned, beat, flogged, you name it, he went through it. I am no where near worthy of Jesus loving me and yet he still does. It's funny how times like these when you watch a movie, listen to a meaningful song, or just have an "epiphany" everything comes to reality. Today truly made me realize and reevaluate things in life, whats important and whats not.

One last note....the reason why I chose the title " I make all things new" is because we Jesus was being flogged, through his pain and suffering, he mumbles " I make all things new". He gives he second chances, he cleans are hearts clean, he makes all thing new. My God is so amazing and I am so lucky to be one of his children. I pray that all of you have an epiphany so they call it. Sometimes its just what you need.


The Doty's Dish said...

I know how you's the same feeling I get when I see people making fun of the people who "get into" worship during chapel...just because they are afraid to engage in that type of relationship with the Lord.

Miss you

Lynn said...

Would you believe I own this movie and have NEVER watched it. I am ashamed to say it. I think I am afraid it would be so powerful for me mentally.....I need to watch it alone I think. The emotions just flow and I cringe reading your review.

jenygwen said...

i understand your frustration regarding others reaction/actions during the film...Instead of feeling upset about it, maybe try to think of reasons why they may not have been engaged...maybe the powerful imagery and emotions the film provokes made them afraid. Some people are afraid of showing their emotions in public (especially guys!)