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Friday, February 1, 2008

blah blah blah

Times like this I have nothing relevant to talk about. I wish I could post something fun, interesting, exciting, but no.....I've got nothing. I wish I had a baby to post things about. I love reading about my friends little baby's, watch them grow through pictures and videos. By no means am I saying that I want a baby anytime soon- heck no- but in the future I will be popping some babies out...that's if Brandon allows it, haha. That's a whole other post :) I'm substituting right now, that's why I'm bored. I guess I can fill in you in with some updates in my life, prepare yourself, I'm not that exciting to read about, but since I'm bored here is the latest thats been happening in my life.

1. Got a job with the American Diabetes Association ( previous post) , very excited about what is in store! :)
2. Brandon has 2 huge job interviews coming up in the next week or so .... one interview with Enterprise Car- Rental ( manager in trainging, they make some gooooooood money) and another interview with the Houston Astros working game day operations. Although this job isn't a well paying job, its something he would love to do, he loves sports especially baseball. It would definitely put his foot in the door for a future career with the Astros. Brandon's major is Sports Adminstration so this is a perfect job for him. He has been jobless for about 1-2 weeks now. He loves not working b/c he is taking 18 hours of classes ( he graduates this summer) but he misses the income coming in. He has worked since age 15. So please pray for Brandon that all goes well with both interviews and that the right job will come his way.
3. Brandon and I are stressing out about where we are going to live once we get married. Our wedding is Sept. 20th. I graduate Dec. 2008 ( it's about darn time) . We for sure have to stay in the Houston area b/c I need to finish the semester but housing is definitely an issue right now. The enterprise job would be ideal for our finicial situation and helping with rent, etc. Ideally we want to get into a house right away. We have researched apartments, been to them, looked at prices etc and we just feel that renting an apartment is like throwing money out the window. But having a house is also a huge responsibility. See what I'm talking about now, we are torn! Please pray that we have the right piece of mind about moving, where to go, how to do, etc. If anyone has any tips on moving and location please let me know! We live in Houston so rent/mortage is NOT CHEAP.
4. Wedding plans are starting to surface again. We put the plans on hold for a while but now I am reviewing everything and getting stuff together. Like I said our wedding is Sept. 20th, 2008 @ First Colony Church of Christ Courtyard. The reception is at The Richmond House. I pretty much have all the big things finalized, actually everything is finalized. Now I am down to all the little things. The guest list is in the works and let me tell you, I hate every minute of deciding who is going to be invited and who isn't. This part SUCKS! Anyway, needless to say, everything is looking great! I am getting more and more excited! Pray that everything goes smoothly this time :)

So that's pretty much what's going on in my life. Nothing too exciting. Maybe one of these days I'll something fun to write about and maybe have a picture or 2 to post. Have a great Friday and weekend ya'll!


Valerie said...

fun stuff going on with you lady..

we're going through the same crap for housing.

and guest lists.. don't EVEN get me started!

love you KLuv..

Monica said...

Miss Kellianne so good to find you in the world of blogs. You are all old and grown up now. : ) Really you are just beautiful. Your life is in such a fun time. It isn't boring one bit. Trust me people with babies really wish they could post something that does not involve their baby. Only problem.... they can't think of anything else because that baby consumes their life. At least that is how I feel. So fun to hear you are getting married. I got married September 24 and loved having a September wedding. It is a nice time of year to get married. Good luck with the final details. Planning a wedding was one of the funnest things I ever did. I loved every minute of it.
Hope all comes together with your housing. Sounds like you guys are in the middle of lots of decisions? Anyway, I am so glad I found you and will look forward to keep up with you.
Monica Sorrells Head

Lynn said...

Kellianne .... thanks for your sweet prayers for me! I appreciate them a BUNCH. I am feeling good and glad that part is over. Congrats on your new job. You'll be great at that. But, sounds like the wedding is going to be taking alot of your time. GOOD LUCK. You are going to be a beautiful bride. ~~~~~Lynn