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Sunday, September 2, 2007

happy birthday rocky!

Happy birthday to my sweet boy Rocky! He is 2 years old today! He is a male Shih Tzu and he is so special to me......everyone loves him! For his birthday we bought him a new bone, he loves him! Rocky is unbelievable smart and lovable but yet is sooooooo stubborn at the same time. He has so many nicknames , for example, Coco, Rocco, Rockolino, Rocks, Rockstar, and the list goes on. He is grandaddy's boy for sure! ( Grandaddy is my dad, and he is obsessed with his Rocky!!!) This picture was on my 23rd birthday, I have better ones of Rocky, but I saw this one first so I put it up. I'm sure you are reading this and thinking, " Ok, Kellianne is one of those people who are obsessed with their dog, dresses them up, treats them like a real person, etc." I will say this, I love my dog, obsessed? maybe not that far, not saying that I don't care for him. He is my little guy and you cant help but care for your own pet. Pets are your family too!!! If something ever happened to him, I would be devastated, just as anyone would who really cared for their pet. I also have a little girl Shih Tzu named Nakona, after the brand of my softball glove. If anyone knows me well, they know that softball was my life since I was 7 years old. Started when I was 7 and ended when I was 21. Nakona is a little firecracker, oh my stars! Rocky is the loving one who wants to cuddle and Nakona loves to run and play and chase frogs and all that silly dog stuff. They are great playmates and love each other so much. ( If you are wondering, no I do not dress up Nakona, she has a pink harness on with flowers on it and thats about it. I might throw her little sweater on when I walk her in the winter but that is the extent of that! ) I love my pups, there is NO DOUBT!

"You are to bring into the ark two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with you."
Genesis 6:19


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are doing a blog.....SWEET MERMAID TATOO!!