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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 months

Bristol turned 10 months on June 15th and boy, her 10th month might be the most exciting yet! She started to crawl this month which has been so exciting! It's the most precious thing I have ever seen. At first, she wasn't so sure about it. She would start to crawl and then stop and roll over, get frustrated and then try again. That next day, she was a whole new baby. I think she realized that if she kept at it, she could really get to where she wanted to go. Now, she isn't fast, which is OK with me, but it's precious nonetheless. Bristol also pulls up on things with help. She isn't a fan of putting a lot of weight on her legs, which worries me a little. It has been a concern of mine for quite some time, but she has shown progress, baby steps right? She definitely is on her own schedule and likes to do things her way which I am ok with. 

 Bristol's blue eyes are by far one of my favorite things on earth. I love them so much, not only because I "gave" her blue eyes, but they are stunning.  :) She is constantly complimented on her pretty eyes. Now, daddy gets credit for her shape of eyes and long eye lashes :) Her hair color is still a mystery. Although, lately, it has been more strawberry blonde - but one some days it's blonde. Bristol's skin is very fair, which she gets from me as well. Still no teeth! I can't believe she still doesn't have a tooth, it blows my mind. I feel like she has been teething for months and months. Crazy.

 Bristol loves to make this face now, it's pretty funny. Do you see her little curls popping out on either side of her ears? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Her daddy had little curls like that when he was little, I on the other hand, had a head full of curly ringlits. Her hair is getting longer each month. She has more hair in the back then any other spot. The side of her head are lacking some hair, there is some, but definitely not like the top and back of her head. We transitioned from wearing headbands with bows to wearing a petite little bow clipped on her head, it's so cute. 

 Bristol loves to make this face and we love seeing her make it. She loves sitting in her bumbo in the bathroom with me while I get ready. She loves to look at the mirror and see herself and me getting ready. She still loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings right after her bottle. She laughs and smiles during the whole episode. Bristol loves any toy that makes music and loves books. She lovvvvvvvves to turn each page, close the book and start all over again. She has an alphabet book that has pictures of people for some of the letters and she will kiss each person. The letter Y has a mirror and she will kiss herself in the mirror, melts my heart each time she does that. She loves to clap for herself and will clap on command. She gives the sweetest open mouth kisses you will ever get. Bristol will go to anyone for the most part. She will reach out to strangers if we are shopping which is cute but scares me at the same time, hahaha. 

 Bristol went swimming for the first time this month. She really enjoyed it. She is a busy body so she would from sitting in her float to swimming with momma and then dada and then start the process all over again. It got very tiring for Brandon and I but we loved watching her explore and enjoy the water. She would kick her legs and splash the water with her sweet little hands.

She loves when Daddy comes home from work. She hears the door open and immediately looks towards the kitchen because she knows that he is coming that way. She still says "da-da" quite often. She has says "nonna" which I think she is trying to say "momma". She babbles and laughs all the time. One of her favorite things to do is throw toys out of her carseat while in the car. It drives me nuts but she loves to do it. So when I go to open the door all the toys come tumbling out and all over the ground.
I still think she is a momma's girl, although she will go to anyone, she usually wants to come right back to me. People still say that she looks both Brandon and I. It's so amazing to see what features she has of mine and what features she has of Brandon - God truly is amazing when creating such a perfect gift like a child.
Bristol LOVVVVVVES her cousin Maddy. She goes crazy when she sees her. She wants to touch her all the time. Of course we make sure she is gentle when she touches her. I love this picture. Bristol has started to "kiss" us when we ask for a kiss. She is kissing Maddy in this picture and it's soo cute. Don't you love my face and my brother's? haha Since Maddy has arrived, Bristol has taken a liking to babies and little people ( toddlers, kids). She gets so happy and excited when she sees someone her size anywhere we go, it's rather cute.

She loves her Uncle Ste-Ste ( Stephen). When I was little, I couldn't say Stephen so I called him Ste-Ste :) She thinks he is funny and well, he is. He can be a little rough with her, but I know it's only because he loves her and likes to make her laugh and smile. 

 Uncle Stephen gave Bristol water out of a bottle for the first time and now she is obsessed with water bottles. She would rather drink it out of the bottle than out of a sippy cup. She loves water too, which makes me happy.
Sometimes, Bristol doesn't like to be crawling for very long and this is the face she will give you. She gets frustrated and will fuss and whine and then start crawling again. It's a cycle. But this precious little girl tries to hard to get to where she is going and it's beyond cute. We have to put something in front of her to crawl to and it's gotta be something "good" too.
Once she gets the item she crawls to, she grabs and rolls over with it. Often, she will bonk her head with whatever she grabbed, it's funny. She loves this little turtle in the picture. It sings and she loves anything that makes noise or has music.

I realize that this post probably makes no sense and that's because I am going on little sleep and because this post has been written over the span of several days. I am pretty sure this will be the last time that happens because my thoughts are all over the place, ha.


Wendi said...

She is adorable! I love her pink little bathing suit & hat. Can't believe she's almost one!