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Sunday, December 4, 2011

girod family

I had so much fun with the cute little Girod family this past Friday. Bethany contacted me to take pictures for the christmas cards this year. I was beyond excited because that meant I got to see Bristol's future husband, Max. Of course Betho and I talked wedding plans after the shoot was done. I'm not kidding.

Bethany and I grew up together, since elementary/middle school. She is a twin and Kayla came to the shoot as well, oh excuse me, Aunt KK :) We had some fun times growing up!

So here are just a few pics from their shoot!


the norman family said...

love the girod family. love the pictures!

Kayla said...

Oh my look at that little face!! The pics make me laugh thinking about the crazy things I was doing in the background to make max laugh!! And thinking about peanut briston in that gigantic hat!! The pics look great! :)