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Monday, December 12, 2011


cry it out.
that's what we are doing around these neck of the woods. i bit the bullet and decided miss bristol needed to cry it out. at first, i hated the thought of it, i really did. but the more i thought about it, i decided this would be best for her and for me. you see, from day 1, she has been swaddled and rocked to sleep once she was asleep she was then transfered to her swing.sometimes it would take me over an hour to rock her and for her to STAY asleep. this was hard on me because i needed to get this done like school work, etc. she still sleeps in her swing. yes i know, some of you are clinching your jaw thinking, " your almost 4 month old still sleeps in her swing". in the beginging this was the only way bristol would sleep, being rocked or in her swing. she starting sleeping through the night at exactly 10 weeks of age. so why would i stop doing the things that were working? in the back of mind, i knew at some point i was going to have to stop swaddling and putting her in the swing. everyday i would have the mind set, " today is the today where we stop swaddling and start sleeping in her crib. yeah, those days didn't happen.... UNTIL TODAY. as i type this, bristol is crying in her crib wearing her sleep sack. no swaddling no swing. oh my, what am i going to do?

will i still have a baby that sleeps through the night? is this totally going to throw everything out of whack? my prayer is that it doesn't but let's get real here. i know this is going to mess some things up. my sweet baby is spoiled, this i know. bristol is not used to laying flat, she is usually always propped up, whether if thats in her swing, lamb chair, nap nanny, carseat... you get the jist. my prayer is that she transitions nicely to her crib.

i'm not gonna lie, i really do miss rocking her and nursing her. those are sweet moments that i wish cherish forever. i enjoyed spending some one on one time with my sweet angel baby but i know this CIO method is best for both of us. little girl has to learn to fall asleep without being swaddling or swaying back and forth. i already told myself with my next child, that i might tweak a few things when it comes to sleep habits. also, my next child will not be held 24/7 like bristol has been. she is the first grandbaby on both sides so i can understand how everyone wants to hold her but it has put a damper on a few things. and by damper i mean, everything. ha! no really, it's been tough. she didn't want to be on her playmat, she didn't want to sit in any of her chairs - all she wanted was someone to hold her. she actually prefers to be held while you stand up. she isn't a fan of you sitting down and holding her. i dont get it but thats what she likes. she is quite picky :) she has gotten a lot better has she is getting older. for example, today, she sat in her nap nanny for 3 episodes of the mickey mouse club house. she LOVES that show and it's precious. this allowed me to take a shower, eat some cereal, take the dogs out, and a few other little tasks i needed to do. she is growing up and its right before my eyes.

my baby will be 4 months old december 15th. where has the time gone? she gets more fun everyday. it seems like she masters a new trick every week. she is now sticking her tongue out and its the cutest thing. she is also now sucking her pointer finger and thumb at the same time. she will do it on both hands too. i was a thumb sucker, so we will see what becomes of this. she likes her paci but doesn't NEED it. she needs it more for her to fall asleep and then she will spit it out while sleeping. i like that she isn't dependent upon it.

I took some christmas photos the other day of bristol. the 2 in this post are just a few of what i captured. i might be bias, but my baby is so beautiful. i am so blessed to have her in my life and i cant wait to spend christmas with her and my family!

i hope all of you are doing well. enjoy your holiday season with your family!


Bethany Freede said...

Ooh the CIO method! Seriously stressful! We did it at exactly 4 months. She really will get used to it, but I feel like if you want you could still let her be swaddled to make the transition easier on you both. Are you just trying to break her of the habit now? Probably a good idea, but I was always to chicken!

Let me know how it goes! It worked for us, even though I would cheat sometimes and we would have to start over because I would run in and pick him up. Now my child won't even let me rock him, and I thought I would NEVER see the day he would fall asleep alone in a crib! Good luck!

Oh yeah-one thing that made it easier for me was to straight up leave the house during the lovely crying and go to Starbucks, Chick fil a, or something that made me happy and let the hub deal with the crying! I just got a text when it was safe to come home :)

Happy CIO'ing

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

hang in there girl, we did this a few weeks ago and it really has been so much better at night time, it only took him about 3 nights to learn that he has to go to sleep when we put him in the crib but not he will sleep almost 12 hours and sometimes does wake up in the night but then will only cry a little bit and go back to sleep. It is truly heartbreaking hearing them cry like that but like you said its the best for them, the sweet babies need to learn to sleep and it doesn't last forever. Hope things go well and that she doesn't cry too much!