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Thursday, November 10, 2011

all i wanna do is craft!

I love arts and crafts or also known as DIY projects, but to me it will always been known and called arts and crafts. Growing up I loved doing arts and crafts whether that was coloring, drawing, making something, painting something, playing with play-dough ( back in the younger days). Really, I loved it all. I still do. I think that's why I loved teaching preschool - it's arts and crafts everyday , of course other things are taught in preschool too. You just do some really fun projects in preschool.

Over the past 3 or so years, I have re-kindled my love for crafting and I consider myself a creative and crafty person. I've always loved it but I have found a new love and passion for it. There for a while, I was making clipboards. Those were so much fun to make, just very time consuming. I sold a lot of them, especially at Brandon's school. At one point I had an order for 14 clipboards from one lady. This little project of mine was great, it kept me busy, my brain was being used and I loved the outcome of each clipboard. I stopped making them because I was cooped up in a 700 sq foot apartment and the space was just too small. I also kind of got tired of it too. It's a tedious process and I got burned out.

Pinterest really has lit a fire under my butt to find and make some really cute things. It's kind of hard right now with Bristol being so young, but I love to look at all the websites and just imagine myself creating and crafting again. I know the possibilities are endless with crafting but what makes me so excited is to start making things for my sweet angel baby. Bows, onesies, shirts, etc! ahh! The only problem is, I need to learn how to sew, like PRONTO.

My friend Ashley over at Plum Berry Creek has started her own company of home decor. She makes the BEST THINGS ever. Before I go any further, I wanted to dedicate a whole post about her little company. Just know, that you are missing out on some SUPER cute stuff, so head on over to her website! DO IT! GO, NOW... HURRY!


I can't believe Thanksgiving is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Um, I could of sworn it was just summer time? Where did the time go? I guess time really flies once you have kids, is that true? I am looking forward to starting traditions with Bristol. I love traditions, do you? There is just something about starting something and continuing it for years and years. My nannie loved traditions, I guess that's where I get it from, amongst other things.

I'm going to the nutcracker market this sunday and I AM PUMPED! I go every year and this time, my friend Ashley ( the same one with the new business ) is coming with. She is going to love it and she will freak out on how BIG it is and all the goodies she will find there!) I'm broke so I will just be "looking with my eyes". It's going to kill me not to buy anything, but yeah, I'm broke hahaha.

So I realized this post was supposed to be about crafting. I didn't get very far on that topic. Oh well. I've found this website full of FREE PRINTABLES. Check it out! I am going to print out some of the thanksgiving ones. I'm waiting for their Christmas printables to be posted!

That's all for now.

Well wait. Did I ever mention that Bristol has been sleeping through the night for the past 3 weeks? Oh yes. it's amazing. I really thought this day would NEVER come. Like never. I am one happy momma!

ok - for real this time... BYE!