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Monday, November 30, 2009

seeking prayer warriors

I am not even sure how to start this post off. Well...... my title really explains it all.

I am seeking prayer warriors......for me and Brandon. Is that selfish? I sure hope not. I am needing some MAJOR prayers my way this next week. I don't want to disclose exactly what I need prayers for but if you could pray for some other specific things for me, that would be greatly appreciated.
1. patience
2. peace
3. understanding
4. faithfulness

You see, I could be making a HUGE decision by next Monday that will BETTER Brandon and I's life. One that will FOREVER change our life, for the best. I truly need prayers for Brandon and I as we go through this season of our life not knowing. Not knowing what the next step is or the next path is. We FULLY trust God and his hands that lead us to the unknown. We know that whatever happens in the next week, that God will be GLORIFIED no matter what. Although that is hard to understand sometimes, I know through the good and through the bad God is always glorified.

So if you would, join me in prayer this week for B and I.

I love ya'll :)

Thanks and have a great week!


Roxanne said...

praying ooooof course!!! love you k-anna-banana!!

Roxanne said...
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Roxanne said...
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Julie said...

I'm all over it! :) Keep me posted. Love you guys :)