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Monday, April 27, 2009

i totally and utterly wish i could still go to camp

Yeah, I've been MIA. So What?
Not that any of you are AVID readers of my blog or anything. 
Let's just say that I have been a little busy bee at work lately. Since my position at work has changed I am now the Camp Director of our diabetes camps ( the title sounds nice right? well...the pay ain't any different than before, ha!) I digress....

My first diabetic camp is this weekend! It's called Lotta Bright Hope and its a retreat for type 1 diabetics. I am SUPER excited for this weekend! You see, growing up, I LOVED going to camp. It was what I looked forward to all school year. The excitement of being away from home, meeting cute boys...eerrr I mean friends, and just experiencing everything and anything new! My favorite camp of ALL TIME was the ACU camps ....MPULSE and KADESH - actually Kadesh definitely takes the cake on that one. There was something about ACU camps that was has something special to it. Maybe it was that teenagers across Texas came together for one soul worship the God we love. Now that my friends, is special. 
I miss those days.... ALOT. I would totally go back to camp if I was eligible, would you? first camp is this weekend and its going to be jammed back full of fun! The kids are getting a TON of free stuff from the different diabetes pharma's reps - amoung other things they will be swimming, rock climbing, horse back riding, arts and crafts, archery, a bonfire making smore's.....the list goes on my friends!

Until then, 

Wish me luck!


Lauren said...

oh Kadesh...I miss it. I'm totally with you on missing summer camps. I always wished it was like a month long.
oh, and ps...i AM an avid reader of your blog!

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

SO fun. im excited for you! i wish i could do something like that!

and im with you on camp....I MISS THE HECK OUT OF IT!!!!! i think im gonna go with my kids as a "leader" for all of their childhood lives just so i can experience it all over again ha

Together We Save said...

I stumbled onto your blog. I enjoyed reading about the summer camps. I miss them even more because I have kids old enough to go. They have so much fun.