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Sunday, April 12, 2009

can i be honest?

I totally didn't mean for blogger to post my " can I be honest"post without any words in it yet, weird?

Anyway....let me proceed with my honesty post.

I figured I could be honest with you ...after all ...honesty is the best policy.

No, I'm not pregnant - just had to clear that up.

I honestly MISS MY FAR AWAY FRIENDS! I miss my friends that I played softball with at ACU. These girls are the type of people that nothing has changed since we all last hung out. We can always pick up where we left off and it not be weird or awkward. I miss them and love them dearly and I am so lucky that God chose me to be friends with them.

To my favorite friends ever ( Danni, JD, Val and Kristen).....thanks for ALWAYS being there, near or far. Thank you to ACU softball for letting our paths cross and for making friendships that will last a lifetime. I wish there wasn't hundreds to thousands of miles that seperated us, it's just not fair. One day, we will all live together in the same neighborhood and start our own softball team full of our little girls. Love you!!!!!!


julie said...

Of course :)

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

um...yes! please do. honesty is a highly respectable quality :)

Danni and Bryan said...

Why but of course you can!

Kris n CJ said...

Can I just say how much I miss you girls too. I laughed out loud when I saw your bananna picture, I miss the good ole times playing ball with you girls too. So many wonderful memories!

Valerie said...

danni's face just cracks me the heck up!!

so yeah... i miss you guys too!!!!

i thank god everyday for you girls..