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Monday, September 15, 2008

prayers needed

hi friends,

this will be a quick post as i am trying to gather things together from hurricane ike and well, my soon to be wedding. as my friend jd's mother-in-law said....thank goodness ike showed up for my wedding a week earlier. such a blessing, really, it is. my parents are still without power but brandon's family has power along with brandon and i's townhouse. i haven't been to work since thursday and we have no work again tomorrow. things are still trying to get up and running around here. its definitely been a mess, but we are thankful everyone is alive and well.

now, on to the reason why i am posting today. i babysit for a family, going on 2 years now and a horrible accident happened. i do not know the whole details , only from what i have read on his care page. i recived an email from the mom of the girls i babysit for telling me about tate's ( the dad) carepage. i was quite confused and immediately went and checked it all out. from the little details that were said on his page that i read, it said that tate was having back surgery due to falling in the storm? that's pretty much all the details i got from it. he just got out of emergency surgery and is doing ok. the doctors are not hopeful that he will be able to ever walk again. please please please say a prayer for tate and the jarvis family. they are very dear to my heart as i have gotten very close to them and their daughters over the past 2 years. i know god is in control and he will work through this tough time. so again, please say a prayer of healing for this family.

thanks ya'll!


The Doty's Dish said...

eep! i will definitely be praying....we get to see you in like 4 days!!!

Lynn said...

I know you are running like crazy! I know a bunch of excited friends headed your way. Wish I could hear you all squeal. But mostly, I know you are going to be a beautiful bride TOMORROW!

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

you gotta post about your wedding and honeymoon as sooooon as you get back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im still sad i missed it!!