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Sunday, April 6, 2008

steaks, eskimo hut, catch phrase, and friends

Brandon and I went to Spring today where our good friends Danielle and Bryan McDonald live. I played softball with Danni at ACU. We did a little BBQ today at their house and it was so yummy! We all clearly ate WAY TOO MUCH food and were definitely feeling it afterwards. We had steaks, potatoes, rolls, beans, sausage, cantaloupe, rocky road ice cream, and blackberry cobbler, also thrown in there, a couple beers for the boys and eskimo hut for the girls ( more about eskimo hut in a minute). Needless to say, there was too much food but you couldn't not eat it cause it was just tooooooooooooo yummy! After dinner we all got super tired and Danni and I layed inside the house and watch a Batman movie and realized how weird it was and slowly drifted off to sleep, the boys were outside drinking some beers and listening to music. We then decided to all play catch phrase, good times. Brandon and I love hanging out with Danni and Bryan- they are super fun....and pretty much Brandon and Bryan have a secret crush on each other, hahaha. Anyway, we had a great weekend!

Below are pictures from tonight, not in any specific order.

Hopefully this will be Brandon and I's house in about 6-9 months!

Ok Danni- don't get mad I put this on here, it was truly an accident... I SWEAR! We were playing catch phrase!
Danni and Bryan's sweet dog Laya.
Yummy blackberry cobbler....pretty much, we are all fatties!
I'm pretty sure the blackberry cobbler didn't make it to the right spot, Bryan- such a jokester!
This is Bryan being normal, I swear!
My eskimo hut, LONG OVER-DUE! I have missed this place since it is only in Abilene but now Danni and Bryan told me there is one next to their house! I knew I wanted to move to Spring for a reason! :) This 20 oz eskimo hut made my night! sad, i know.
Kind of pathetic , I know. But, I had to! It had been a long time since I had one, I had to celebrate!