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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I MISS my mom like crazy!!!!!!!! She is in Germany for a total of 5 weeks....yep, I said 5 weeks. She has been gone for a total of 2 1/2, this Saturday will mark 3 weeks. My mom went on this same journey 2 summers ago for 5 weeks. She goes with Clements High School, where she works and goes all over Germany including some other places like Austria and France. All this is great- but I MISS MY MOM.

You never realize how much you need a mom in your life until they are gone for a long amount of time. Mom's are the forefront of the household and without them , things fall apart. For 2 weeks it was just my dad and I at the house b/c my brother had been in California for 2 weeks visiting his fiance. Let's just say....the house was quiet, peaceful, and clean, but WE WERE MISSING MOM ( no offense Stephen). Things just aren't the same without my momma. She is loud, fun, crazy, silly, outgoing and I miss all that around the house. ( no offense Dad, haha) I know she is having a great time on her trip but I'm selfish and want her home. She has been emailing us and calling us a lot which is good. Two years ago she didn't keep in touch much which worried my dad and I but this time around she is doing a good job of it.

So to all you moms out there, I appreciate all that you do and I hope your hubster's and babies do as well. Mother's are a critical part of a family and I think are taken for granted. My hat goes off to all of you baby Momma's out there!

PS- Since my mom has been gone, my dad and I have not cooked one dinner, we have either ate tuna, Smartones, hotdogs, or veggies. Good huh? hahahah......what a sad story. For all you momma's out there, I challenge you to leave your family for 1 night and see how things go....I'm sure they'd fall apart sooner or later b/c Momma knows best! :)

Hope everyone is doing well and staying cool!


The Doty's Dish said...

Hey! I'm a baby momma...heck yes! We missed you guys too...we should have just drove through the Land o' Sugar...we drove everywhere else.